Raw Dynamic Freeze-Dried Rabbit Recipe for Cat 5.5oz

$16.99 USD
Type: Cat Food

This deliciously freeze-dried recipe is designed to give your cat the nourishment they deserve, with 95% Rabbit, Organs, and Bone always sourced from quality, ethically raised meats, free of antibiotics and hormones. Raw Dynamic believes in investing in your cat’s overall health with natural ingredients - providing essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and never settling for inferior quality ingredients.

Instead of fillers or artificial flavors, your cat will get premium animal-based proteins, wholefood vitamins, and minerals. Plus with the added health benefits of natural probiotics, this meal is a delicious way to help boost their immune system and digestive health while promoting a healthy weight and an active lifestyle. Who doesn’t love that in a cat food?!

Serve up the best for your furry friend this weekend, and trust that the natural goodness of this Raw Dynamic cat food will give them the fuel they need to be happy and healthy.


  • Ethically Sourced Meats, Made in the USA
  • Enhanced with a Powerful Combination of Prebiotics & Probiotics to Support and Promote Gut Health
  • Use as Complete Meat, Topper, or Treat

    Rabbit (with ground bone), Rabbit Livers, Organic carrots, Organic beets, Organic cranberries, Organic spinach, Organic sunflower seeds, Organic apple cider vinegar, Fish oil, Montmorillonite clay, Dried organic kelp, Organic rosemary extract, Taurine, Vitamin E, Dried bacillus coagulans fermentation product (probiotic)