Raw Dynamic Freeze-Dried Beef Recipe for Cat 5.5oz

$12.99 USD
Type: Dog Food

Raw Dynamic Freeze-Dried Beef Recipe Cat Food is not just your ordinary cat food - this is a true delicacy specially crafted just for your feline friend! It’s made with only the highest quality human grade ingredients so you can be sure it’s full of the nutrition your cat needs. This recipe is a real treat, containing 95% grass fed beef, organs and bone for the protein and nutrition your cat deserves. Every ingredient is harvested from ethically-raised meats, so you can trust it’s free of antibiotics and hormones. And because it’s freeze-dried, you can trust that all of the amazing nutrition is locked into every bite. Your cat will love every crunchy nugget, and you can feel good knowing you’re giving your furry pal the best. Try Raw Dynamic Freeze-Dried Beef Recipe Cat Food today - your cat will thank you!


  • Ethically Sourced Meats, Made in the USA
  • Enhanced with a Powerful Combination of Prebiotics & Probiotics to Support and Promote Gut Health
  • Use as Complete Meat, Topper, or Treat