Native Pet BEEF BROTH 4.75oz

$19.99 USD
Type: Pet Supplies
Native Pet's Beef Broth is a high-quality topper for your pup! Made from organic and grass-fed bone broth, this nutritious broth is made with natural flavors. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, it can be used to encourage your dog to stay hydrated, and can be served alone, or as a flavorful addition to your pet's meals. Give your dog the wholesome taste they deserve and can look forward to! - Designed for Picky Eaters: Tempt picky eaters with beefy dog food toppers. Satisfy your pet's cravings with a mouthwatering topper made with real beef broth. It adds protein to their diet and livens up their kibble - Encourage Hydration: Make this into a bone broth to encourage your pet to drink more water - Support Joint Health: Our bone broth for dogs is a natural source of collagen, promoting mobility and joint health, helping your furry companion stay active and agile - Easy to Use: Use our dog broth in multiple ways - easily mix and serve it over kibble for a delectable combin