Mamakukku Freeze-Dried Cats Treats Chicken Tenderloin 150g

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Type: Pet Treats

Popular No. 1 Treats in Japan!!

*This product is suitable for BOTH cats and dogs, which is labeled on product package.

The product uses a special manufacturing method to confine the taste of selected ingredients! The bite is different!

Give as treats or toppings by cutting it into small pieces with scissors.


Crude protein 86.7% or more
Crude fat 5.2% or more
Crude fiber 0% or less
Crude ash 4.6% or less
Crude moisture 3.5% or less
Calorie(per 100g) 396kcal


Weight Estimated daily consumption
~ 2kg About 3g-4g
2-5kg About 5g-7g
5kg ~ About 8g-10g