Ruff Day Chicken&Horse&Duck Vegetable Meat Chips | 马肉鸭肉鸡肉蔬菜薯片

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Type: Dog Treats

Horse Meat Bean - Made of 100% natural ingredients. Made with Jeju Horse Meat Lowers Cholesterol. Prevents Joint Disease. Helps Gut Health. Improves Skin and hair

Duck Lotus Root Potato - Made of 100% natural ingredients. Has a crispy taste, prevent aging, help intestines and blood circulation, improve skin and hair

Chicken and Vegetables - Made of 100% natural ingredients, rich in protein, low in calories, good for gut health, improves skin and hair


马肉豆子薯片 - 100%天然制作原料 采用济州岛肉 降低胆固醇 预防关节疾病 有助于肠道健康 改善皮肤和毛发

鸭肉莲藕薯片 - 100%天然制作原料 酥脆的口感 防止老化 有助于肠道和血液循环 改善皮肤和毛发

鸡肉蔬菜 - 100%天然原料制作 含有丰富的蛋白质 低热量 对肠道健康有帮助 改善皮肤毛发