POCHI Meat and Vegetable Food & Soup Pouch | 各种餐包汤包

$9.99 USD
by Pochi
Type: Dog Treats

5 Kinds of Vegetable Chicken Soup - Stew 5 kinds of vegetables including potatoes, carrots and chicken in chicken broth.

Chicken Pumpkin Creamy Soup - Mixed potatoes, carrots, and chicken to pumpkin soup for a creamy soup.

Horse Meat Hotpot -  Stew horse meat, potatoes, and carrots in chicken broth.

Venison Meat Hotpot -  Stew venison meatpotatoes, and carrots in chicken broth.

Minced Ezo Venison Meat - Made with low-fat, low-calorie Ezo venison. Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Minced Horse Meat - Made from minced high-protein, low-calorie horse meat.

Horse Meat & Vegetable Macaroni Pasta - Made with high-protein, low-calorie horse meat, tomatoes, carrots and beans.

Pork Curry - Made with pork, carrots and potatoes. Use turmeric to make "curry". Turmeric helps maintain liver health. Do not use onion, salt, pepper and other spices that are dangerous to dogs. Adjusted the balance of phosphorus and calcium, and added zinc, which is easily lacking.


5种蔬菜鸡汤 - 把土豆,胡萝卜等5种蔬菜和鸡肉一起在鸡汤里炖煮。

鸡肉南瓜浓汤 - 在南瓜汤中加入土豆,胡萝卜和鸡肉,做成一道浓汤。

马肉火锅 - 使用马肉,土豆和胡萝卜在鸡汤中炖煮。

鹿肉火锅 - 使用鹿肉,土豆和胡萝卜在鸡汤中炖煮。

虾夷鹿肉碎 - 使用低脂肪,低热量的虾夷鹿肉制成。富含必需氨基酸,维生素和矿物质。

马肉肉碎 - 把高蛋白,低热量的马肉剁碎制成。

马肉蔬菜通心粉 - 使用高蛋白 低热量的马肉,西红柿,胡萝卜和豆类制成。

猪肉咖喱 - 使用猪肉,胡萝卜和土豆制成。利用姜黄做成“咖喱”。姜黄有助于维持肝脏健康。不使用对狗狗有危险的洋葱,盐,辣椒等香料。调整了磷和钙的平衡,并添加了容易缺乏的锌。