Granata Pet Symphonie Cat Wet Food No.3 vension & chicken 200g

$8.99 USD
Type: Cat Food

High meat content
Exclusively muscle meat & high-quality offal.

Salmon oil
Rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids. These have an anti-inflammatory effect and can have a positive effect on skin and coat.

Promotes the preservation of vision and the function of the heart muscle, and increases the well-being of the cat.

Pomegranate seeds
Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, high content of bioactive natural antioxidants.

chicken meat 55 % (consisting of chicken muscle meat, chicken stock, chicken liver), venison meat 42 % (consisting of venison muscle meat, venison heart, venison stock), salmon oil 1 %, pomegranate seeds 1 %, mineral nutrients 1 %