FD Pet Treats Freeze-Dried Meat Cube Various Flavors 70-120g

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Type: Pet Treats

Chicken - chicken fiber is thin and tender, can be quickly digested and absorbed, is high in protein, and can effectively prevent various diseases.

Duck - rich in unsaturated fatty acids. 

Chicken Liver - Contains a large amount of retinol that cannot be matched by other foods and helps maintain eye health.

Chicken Heart - rich in protein, vitamin E and AD, prevent diseases caused by calcium deficiency, and enhances eyesight.

Rabbit Meat - Relieves Stress Contains Vitamin B1, Helps Brain Development. 

Chicken Pumpkin - Pumpkin contains protein, vitamins, and minerals, prevents kidney disease, helps digestion and absorption, contains vitamins A and C, helps bowel movements, and maintains gastrointestinal health. 

Suitable for both cats and dogs.