Bon Rupa Dog Treats Strawberry and Goat Milk Cookies 20g

$9.99 USD
Type: Dog Treats

Bon Rupa means Fun Meal in French. We love to see happily living pets during snack time. Bon Appetite! 

〜Bonpuchi cute bottle series〜
It's a strawberry marble cookie.
It looks cute and is recommended as a gift!

*Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Also, after opening, store in a cool and dark place and consume as soon as possible.

Ingredients: potato starch, sweet potato, honey, chicken egg, goat milk, eleuthero, oligosaccharide, cake flour, unsalted butter, strawberry, purple sweet potato

Ingredients: Crude protein 44.9% or more, Crude fat 3.7% or more, Crude fiber 3.9% or less, Crude ash content 41.2% or less, Water content 10.0% or less, Calories/100g 332kcal

Estimated daily allowance: Small dogs: within 10g, medium dogs: within 20g, large dogs: within 30g 

Made in Japan