Canumi Wet Seafood Monkfish Liver

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by Canumi
Type: Pet Treats

The monkfish liver contains, even though it is a white fish, it shares properties with oily fish, so it is a great supply of vitamins and minerals for our pets. It is a superfood full of nutrients, containing Omega 3 and Vitamins A and D.

It has a high iron content, which provides good oxygenation to the muscles. The monkfish liver favors our cognitive system, giving it more energy. It improves the quality and does not fall out of hair, promotes healthy skin and helps better healing.

It helps to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. It is a great natural antioxidant.
It helps them to have good hydration in the muscles. It improves the appetite of our pets. Monkfish liver is a delicacy from the sea. It can be compared with the multiple properties of the most popular cod liver oil.

Made in Spain