Mamakukku Freeze-Dried Cats Treats Chicken Breast 150g

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Type: Pet Treats

Popular No. 1 Treats in Japan!!

*This product is suitable for BOTH cats and dogs, which is labeled on product package.

It has slightly higher fat content than the chicken fillet, and the fiber is different, so the texture is completely different. If you give it alternately with chicken tenderloin, you will not get tired of it and it will increase pet's appetite.

Give as treats or toppings by cutting it into small pieces with scissors.


Crude protein 86.3% or more
Crude fat 5.4% or more
Crude fiber 0% or less
Crude ash 4.5% or less
Crude moisture 2.5% or less
Calorie(per 100g) 394kcal


Weight Estimated daily consumption
~ 2kg About 2g-3g
2-5kg About 3g-8g
5kg ~ About 8g-10g