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MINERAL RED RECONSTRUCTION KIT. In recent years more and more dogs are found with allergy and sensitive skin problems. There is also a depleting of fiber of the hair due to pollution, lack of reguar bathing (or bathing with inadequate grooming products) and exposure to UV rays. The result: an irritated, fragile and worn out coat.

The Mineral Red Reconstructing Program represents the perfect blend of ingredients derived from nature and exclusive active ingredients formulated in state of the art high tech laboratories; a blend that will ensure the health of hair. All products are designed to be mixed together and created in such a way that they are easy to distinguish as each product is marked with a number that represents a phase of the mixing process.

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Mineral Red Phase 1 Gel – COAT REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION. A gelatin based cream with an acid PH enriched with nourishing active ingredients that provide a powerful reconstructing treatment. Includes: GINSENG EXTRACT: Its revitalizing substances stimulate hair growth and trigger an invigorating action on the coat and skin. TOMATO EXTRACT: Highly rich in vitamins and lycopene, a natural antioxidant that can protect cells from aging. YARROW EXTRACT: With softening and protective properties that make the treatment highly delicate.

Mineral Red Phase 2 Mousse. ACTIVATING, ENRICHING & NON-FIXING. Powerful restructuring foam enriched with Panthenol, a provitamin with moisturizing, soothing and conditioning properties that preserves the coat’s wellbeing while leaving it smooth and protected. PANTHENOL: with its ability to fix water, it acts in a particularly beneficial way even to damaged, broken or dry hair. It penetrates inside the coat leaving a long-lasting effect of hydration and nourishment while repairing damage caused by atmospheric agents such as UV rays

Mineral Red Phase 3 Oils Mix. AN OIL MIX THAT PROTECTS AND RESTRUCTURES THE COAT. A perfect blend of oils and vitamins, ideal for the coat’s protection. Thanks to Oils Mix, reborn hair is protected, reinforced and its structure acquires silkiness to the touch along with and unparalled shine. ROYAL JELLY Is a source of vitamin B. It is an excellent restorative agent and strengthener to the hair and stimulates growth. CAMELLIA OIL: Contributes to cell regeneration slowing down the aging process of the skin and stimulates the strengthening of the coat. HEMP OIL: In addition to carrying a high content of fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E it also gives elasticity and shine. ARGAN OIL: Strengthens the hair and protects it from damage caused by external agents and aging.

Mineral Red Phase 4 Rosemary Essential Oil. SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR THE COAT. Gathered from the distilled leaves of the plant, Rosemary Essential oil has a pleasant and refreshing scent. It is ideal for dry coats, reducing tangles and leaving the coat soft and easy to comb. It also has stimulating properties and strengthens the hair shaft and the skin. Regular use of Rosemary Oil will help the coat to rediscover its natural beauty, leaving it velvety soft and silky smooth.

Mineral Red Phase 4 Sweet Orange Essential Oil. SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR THE SKIN. Sweet Orange Essential Oil is gathered through the cold pressing or distillation of the outer skin of the plant that is nearly ripe. It is rich in sugars, Vitamin A and B and known for its stimulating purifying and regenerating properties. It also tones and balances the skin. Sweet Orange Essential Oil fights aging and leaves the coat full of elasticity.

Above products are also available in single refill bottles. See below related products.