Matroos Freeze Dried Pork Loin 100g

$18.99 USD
by Matroos
Type: Pet Treats

This product is made of 100% Korean domestic pork loin. The residual fat of the sirloin has been removed as much as possible through manual work. It is a freeze-dried snack that can be fed to dogs and cats. 


Health Benefits

- Excellent source of amino acids, perfect for nutrition

- Rich in thiamine, an essential mineral used in cell function

- Easily digestible protein source



Total calories 550kcal

Crude protein 81.2% or more, crude fat 12.7% or less, water 2% or less, crude ash 6% or less, sodium 0.2% or less


Storage Method

Before opening :

It can be stored at room temperature in a dark and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.

After opening: 

It can be stored at room temperature in a sealed state. We recommend refrigerated storage.