Laila and Me - Doggolatte

$4.08 USD
Type: Dog Treats
Healthy and Safe Coffee for Dogs  Does your pooch give you sad eyes and try to stick their snoot in your morning brew? Treat their FOMO with a better-than-Starbucks Doggolatte for your puppy! Our Doggolatte is not only bougie-looking and oh-so-tasty, but it is also SO good for your fur babe. * Rich in probiotics * Supports a healthy bladder and kidneys * Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties (Please note that if you order a Dog Bowl with your order it can take 1 week to dispatch and if you order ONLY our Doggolatte then there is no need to fill out the details of your pet) How to make a Doggolatte Coffee for Dogs 1. Grab your Laila and Me Doggolatte 2.