Laila and Me Christmas Reindeer Poop 50g

$16.99 USD
Type: Dog Treats

Santa’s head reindeer has gone rogue, leaving a trial of reindeer poop behind.

What is Reindeer Poop? Tasty little beef lung cubes. Making the perfect crunchy treat!


High in taurine, amino acids, and protein
Palatable and enticing for fussy eaters
No preservatives, additives or salt.
Single-ingredient and grain-free treats
Dehydrated to retain nutrients and flavour at maximum level
No chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, salt, sugar, artificial flavours/colours or preservatives
Made in Australia from Australian beef


  • 富含牛磺酸
  • 必需氨基酸
  • 高蛋白
  • 无添加