Hello!Dog Chicken & Beef Tofu Vegetable Food Pouch | 鸡肉牛肉豆腐蔬菜餐包 100g

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Type: Dog Treats

Chicken Tofu Stew - Healthy ingredients such as tofu and minced chicken are simmered together for a light taste. Tofu is rich in calcium and iron. Recommended by veterinary groups.

Chicken Liver Root Vegetable Soup - A soup containing chicken liver, rich in nutrients and effective in preventing anemia. In addition, root vegetables are added, which do not cause urinary problems. Recommended by veterinary groups.

Beef and Vegetable Meatballs - Make beef meatballs. The aftertaste has a strong vegetable taste, with iron-rich parsley, even dogs who have no appetite will love it. Recommended by veterinary groups.

鸡肉炖豆腐 - 将豆腐和鸡肉末等健康食材一起炖煮而成,口感清淡。豆腐富含钙和铁。兽医团体推荐

鸡肝根菜汤 - 含有鸡肝的汤,营养丰富,有效的预防贫血。另外添加了根菜,根菜不会引起泌尿系统疾病。浓稠的汤汁,更好入口。兽医团体推荐。

牛肉蔬菜丸子 - 把牛肉做成丸子。后味带有浓郁的蔬菜味,配合富含铁质的欧芹,即使没有胃口的狗狗也爱吃。兽医团体推荐