Hair Soft Super Food Treats | 软绵绵可爱形状小零食 150g

$18.99 USD
by Hari
Type: Dog Treats

This is a small snack contains about 95% of meat, fruit and vegetables. Flour and rice flour free and hypoallergenic. No coloring, fragrance, preservatives. Made with human grade fresh ingredients. Soft taste and high palatability, especially suitable for training snacks. Contains strawberries, carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, blueberries.

这是一款肉类,水果,蔬菜所占比例高达95%的小零食。无面粉和米粉 低过敏性。不含色素,香料,防腐剂。使用人类可食用级别的新鲜食材制成。柔软的口感 高适口性,特别适合做训练奖励小零食。含有草莓,胡萝卜,芒果,番茄,西兰花,菠菜,蓝莓。