Laila and Me - Chicken Necks 100g

$10.99 USD
Type: Dog Treats
Chicken Necks Dog Treats - Made in Australia These treats will have your pet rubbernecking! Our Chicken is sourced from local butchers, our Chicken Neck pet treats for dogs are an excellent source of low-fat, high-quality animal protein. Not only are these great for your dog's insides, but they are also a natural teeth cleaner. * 100% Australian Chicken * Contains all 10 essential amino acids * Naturally low in sodium Each dog is different and has a different tolerance to certain foods. Start slow, for example, give 1/3 or 1/2 a treat to start with, and have plenty of fibre (i.e. Bumpkin Powder) on hand, just in case your dog has an intolerance to it.