Boswelia Cat Wet Food - Chicken & Veal

$5.99 USD
Type: Cat Food
Chicken with veal, borage oil and taurine in a fresh pouch - the finest poultry and veal from Germany, rich in valuable animal proteins, provides the basis for this particularly fine and easily digestible cat food.

The combination of muscle meat and offal provides your darling with high-quality nutrients. Thanks to the balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and an extra portion of taurine with essential amino acids, you can be sure that your darling is optimally cared for.

Additional borage oil, with gamma-linolenic acid as polyunsaturated fatty acids, can significantly support a beautiful and healthy coat.

This incredibly tasty cat food is very well tolerated and also ideal for sensitive animals.

For whom is that?

We recommend chicken with veal in a pouch, especially for cats with sensitive stomachs and cats that tend to be overweight, but of course also for all adult, normally active cats.

What is inside?

In addition to 70% meat, only poultry broth, minerals, taurine and borage oil are included in the recipe.