AquaX Ionized Pet Cleaning Water "Green"

$16.99 USD
by Aquax
Type: Pet Supplies

AquaX universal water is good for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, static control, and many other functions. AquaX is filled with dense degree ionized water. It has many functionalities that other cleansing dry shampoos just don't have! Its functionality has been proven by research and test results.

Ionized water that is both safe and functional Ionized water, which is produced by separating the water molecules of pure water into cationic and anionic levels, contains no impurities at all, unlike other similar cleansing cleaners. It does not even contain food additives such as preservatives and stabilizers, which are approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare for the safe supply of food in amounts that do not affect the human body. This is because food additives are also organic substances that are oxidized and decomposed by bacteria.


Label Differences:

"Blue Label": Safety spray for the entire body, all pets. It helps with tear strain removal, paw cleaning, water stain cleaning, etc. 

"Green Label": Safety spray that sterilizes and de-odorates pet supplies, such as clothes, beds, cat trees, etc. Don't apply to pets that are sensitive to skincare. 

"Yellow Label": Environmental deodorization + antibacterial: antibacterial power 100% long-term comprehensive environmental protection