4 Leaf Rover "Green Eggs" Natural Joint Support | 天然关节舒缓呵护 67.5g

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Green Eggs is the natural way to help support and maintain healthy bone, joint cartilage and connective tissue function. Made with just 4 simple ingredients to help maintain joint mobility and healthy joint fluid viscosity.


Green Eggs contains Green Lipped Mussels, which are a good source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. It also contains Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) for additional joint mobility support:

  • Eases joint stiffness due to normal daily exercise and activity
  • Enhances healthy joint fluid viscosity
  • Contains fatty acids, which are vital to strong muscles and healthy joints
  • Helps maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissue
  • Helps maintain healthy bone and joint function 

Product Info

Green Eggs is the natural approach to joint support. Its four simple but powerful ingredients with proven results:

1. Green Lipped Mussels

Green Lipped Mussels are well researched for their ability to help maintain joint mobility and promote a healthy inflammatory response. 

Our Green Lipped Mussels are sustainably raised in the pristine waters of New Zealand. They are whole, freeze-dried mussels, never the leftover powder from oil extraction. 

2. NEM® Eggshell Membrane

Like Green Lipped Mussels, NEM® is another source of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) for healthy bone and joint function.

Our NEM® comes from human-grade egg shells that are carefully cleaned and selected from eggs used for human baked goods.

3. Poria Cocos

This useful mushroom grows on the roots of trees and is technically a mass of mycelium. Unlike most mycelium, our organic Poria contains a minimum 30% beta-glucan.

Poria has an affinity for the kidneys but also helps promote healthy bones and joints.

4. Curcumin

Curcumin is well researched for its ability to help maintain a normal inflammatory response.

It's worth noting that a lot of curcumin is synthetic or has synthetic colors and chemicals added. Our Curcumin is carbon-14 tested to be 95% curcuminoids and free of synthetic additives. 


When starting your dog Green Eggs, double the amount for the first 10 days. Give orally daily or as directed by your veterinarian.

Small Jar: 67.5g

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Supply
1-25 lbs 1/2 tsp daily

 60 day supply

26-50 lbs

3/4 tsp daily

45 day supply

51-75 lbs 1 tsp daily

30 day supply

75-100 lbs 1 1/4 tsp daily

27 day supply

101 + lbs 1 1/2 tsp daily

22 day supply

Net Contents: 2.4oz (67.5g)

Cost Per Day

Small Jar: 67.5g

Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost
1-25 lbs 1/2 tsp daily


26-50 lbs

3/4 tsp daily


51-75 lbs 1 tsp daily


75-100 lbs 1 1/4 tsp daily


101 + lbs 1 1/2 tsp daily


Net Contents: 2.4oz (67.5g)


Can Green Eggs be taken alongside joint products?

Yes! The ingredients in Green Eggs should not interact with most joint products. In fact, Green Eggs pairs well with Safe-Sea, which is a sustainable supply of green lipped mussel oil and other important omega fats not found in many other oils. If you have concerns about any other joint products, please connect with your holistic veterinarian.

Is there glucosamine in Green Eggs?

Both NEM ® eggshells and green-lipped mussels are rich in glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which are a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. 

Can I still give Green Eggs if my dog reacts to eggs? 

If your dog has an egg sensitivity, then there’s a chance he could react to Green Eggs. If you have concerns about sensitivities, start with a very small amount, or check with your veterinarian.

Is the curcumin in Green Eggs synthetic?

Our curcumin is pure and natural. It’s carbon-14 tested to be a minimum 95% curcuminoids, the active compound in turmeric. This is the gold standard test for detecting synthetic turmeric and synthetic additives.

Should I store Green Eggs in the fridge?

A key ingredient in Green Eggs is green lipped mussel powder, which contains a lot of beneficial fats. These valuable fats will oxidize much more slowly if you store the jar in the fridge. But, if your fridge is tight on space it’s ok to store Green Eggs in a cool, dark place as long as you use it within 30 days.


绿鸡蛋是帮助支持和维持健康骨骼、关节软骨和结缔组织功能的天然方式。仅由 4 种简单成分制成,有助于保持关节活动性和健康的关节液粘度。


Green Eggs 含有绿唇贻贝,它是糖胺聚糖 (GAG) 的良好来源,是葡萄糖胺、硫酸软骨素和透明质酸的天然来源。它还包含天然蛋壳膜 (NEM),以提供额外的关节活动支持:



1. 青口贻贝



2. NEM® 蛋壳膜

与绿唇贻贝一样,NEM® 是糖胺聚糖 (GAG) 的另一种来源,可维持健康的骨骼和关节功能。

我们的 NEM® 来自人类级蛋壳,这些蛋壳经过仔细清洁并从用于人类烘焙食品的鸡蛋中挑选出来。

3. 茯苓

这种有用的蘑菇生长在树的根部,从技术上讲是一团菌丝体。与大多数菌丝体不同,我们的有机茯苓含有至少 30% 的 β-葡聚糖。




值得注意的是,很多姜黄素是合成的或添加了合成色素和化学物质。我们的姜黄素经过碳 14 测试,含有 95% 的姜黄素,不含合成添加剂。


开始您的狗绿色鸡蛋时,前 10 天的量翻倍。每天口服或按照兽医的指示给药。


1-25 磅:每天 1/2 茶匙

26-50 磅:每天 3/4 茶匙

51-75 磅:每天 1 茶匙

75-100 磅:每天 1 1/4 茶匙

101 + 磅:每天 1 1/2 茶匙

净含量:2.4 盎司(67.5 克)



是的! Green Eggs 中的成分不应与大多数关节产品相互作用。事实上,Green Eggs 与 Safe-Sea 搭配得很好,Safe-Sea 是绿色贻贝油和其他许多其他油中没有的其他重要欧米茄脂肪的可持续供应。如果您对任何其他联合产品有疑虑,请联系您的整体兽医。


NEM ® 蛋壳和青口贻贝都富含糖胺聚糖 (GAG),它是葡萄糖胺、软骨素和透明质酸的天然来源。




我们的姜黄素是纯天然的。它的碳 14 经测试至少含有 95% 的姜黄素,这是姜黄中的活性化合物。这是检测合成姜黄和合成添加剂的金标准测试。


Green Eggs 的关键成分是青口贻贝粉,其中含有大量有益脂肪。如果你把罐子放在冰箱里,这些有价值的脂肪会氧化得更慢。但是,如果您的冰箱空间狭小,只要您在 30 天内使用它,就可以将 Green Eggs 存放在阴凉、黑暗的地方。